Sweeney Todd (Spring 2015)

‘Ow about a Shave?

Stephen Sondheim’s devilishly hilarious masterpiece tells the story of a man accused of a crime he didn’t commit, who is sentenced to 15 years while his wife and daughter are taken from him by the very man who wronged him. Gloriously gruesome and remarkably funny, Sweeney Todd is a must-see musical!




“ASL’s Sweeney Todd is some bloody good musical macabredy fun with an excellent cast.”
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“Alexander Showcase Theatre’s production of Sweeney Todd now playing at the Al Green Theatre is a fresh, funny take on Steven Sondheim’s classic musical about a revenge-seeking, murderous barber and his pie-making neighbour.”
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“Alexander Showcase Theatre is one of the few companies who seem to have the resources, or perhaps the manpower and energy, to tackle a lavish warhorse like Sweeney Todd without reimagining it as a recital or reducing it to a smaller size.”
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Patrick Brown | Sara Stahmer* | Alexandra Reed | Joshua Wales | Seth Mukamal

Jeremy Yorga | Darrell Hicks | Nina Mason | Sharon Zehavi

*Sara Stahmer is appearing by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

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