The Crucible (Fall 2013)

Take the perilous journey back to Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 with Arthur Miller’s award-winning masterpiece, “The Crucible”.

A small group of Puritan teens attempts to cover up a secret, which ignites fear in the community, and suspicion spreads like wildfire! This powerful play, based on the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, is a masterful melding of fact and fiction.


The CrucibleThe CrucibleThe Crucible


“The Crucible – a moving & haunting cautionary tale”
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Patrick Brown | Andrea Brown* | Seth Mukamal | Sharon Zehavi | Nina Mason

Annie Lockerbie-Newton | Juliana Fiore | Melissa Verwey | David McEachern

Michele Dodick | Matthew Jensen | Beth Roher | James Phelan | Regina Simon

Marla McCartney | Arnie Zweig | Doug McLauchlan | Ian Scott

Steve Kyriacopoulos | John Meadows | Brandon Chambers | Jenna Craig

*Andrea Brown is appearing by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association


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