Kiss Me Kate (Spring 2017)

“Kiss Me Kate!” It’s Too Darn Hot!

A dazzling classic that won 5 Tony awards, including the first-ever Tony for Best Musical, Cole Porter’s sparkling musical comedy follows the backstage and on-stage antics of two feuding romantic couples during a touring production of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of The Shrew”.

Take some of Porter’s best music, (“So In Love”, “Too Darn Hot”, “Why Can’t You Behave?”, “Brush Up Your Shakespeare”), throw in some mistaken identity, a pair of surprisingly eloquent gangsters, and a self-absorbed U.S. Army General, and what you get is:
“Kiss Me, Kate!”

“Backstage gangster shenanigans & romance in the delightful, sizzling Kiss Me Kate”
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“I had to keep reminding myself this was grass roots, amateur, honest to goodness “community theatre” because the calibre of this performance was far beyond the level of most of the stuff playing downtown. The live band, the set, the costumes, the hair and makeup were all intricately perfect.”
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Director/Producer: Vinnie Sestito
Music Director/Producer: Gwyneth Sestito
Artistic Director: Angela Hawaleshka
Choreographer: Jaime Robertson
Fred/Petruchio: Patrick Brown | Lilli/Kate: Finnie Jesson | Bill/Lucentio: James Rowan | Lois/Bianca: Sharon Zehavi | General Howell: Ian Scott | Paul: Christoph Ibrahim | Hattie: Christine Lindo | Man 1: Brandon Chambers | Man 2: Eliot Winkler | Harry/Baptista: Seth Mukamal | Gremio: Adam McLaughlin | Hortensio: Christoph Ibrahim | Roz: Beth Roher | Wardrobe Lady: Nina Mason | Pops: Steve Kyriacopoulos

Tatum Shiff | Sophie Rivers | Caroline Rowe | Kathleen Andres | Carly Clydesdale | Cheryl Lee | Meredith Wolting | David Shiff | Tom Levy

Pianist: Robby Burko | Pianist: Jo-Anne Wurster | Set Design/Head Painter: Beth Roher | Set Design/Builder: Peter Thorman | Light Design: Chris Humphrey | Sound Design: Carlos Fernandez | Show Stage Manager: Glenn Pringle | Rehearsal Stage Manager: Marla McCartney | Assistant Stage Manager: Laurice Macaraeg | Props: Deborah Mills

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