Lend Me a Tenor (Fall 2015)

It’s 1934 – opening night at the opera. Max has the task of watching over the world famous opera star and heartthrob known as “Il Stupendo”. Unfortunately for Max, “Il Stupendo” has an insatiable appetite for wine, women and trouble. Add in: The sexy co-star, the naïve girlfriend and the larger-than-life grand dame of the Opera Guild.

Then add: The glorious, insanely jealous wife, the frantic opera manager and the quirky little hotel bellhop.

Result: Lots of laughter!




“Lend Me a Tenor is a prime example of a go big or go home enterprise – and the AST cast brings it big time.”
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Michele Dodick | Darrel Hicks | Anne-Marie Krytiuk | Nina Mason |

Seth Mukamal | Steve Kyriacopoulos | Peter Raimondo | Sharon Zehavi |

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